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* The WORLD of SHADOW ART * by Linda Borstein Toborowsky


is one of 55 pieces of SHADOW-ART created by focusing intense lighting from a projected source against objects, such as crystal and colorful glass, and photographing the shadows. As the light is moved, the configurations are altered against the backdrop to form the various shapes, designs, and spectrums.

Using 35 MM-200 film, my XG-M Minolta I was able to capture a multitude of shapes, colors and prisms, most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Shadows are fascinating and there are infinite possibilities of artistic and illusionary designs in The World of ShadowArt.

Reflections from the SHADOW-ART Collection is the formal collection of photographs of shadow prints taken from 1984 through 1986, and reproduced in 2000, using equipment unavailable in the 80's, such as a scanner, a printer and a computer.  Presently, there are 55 prints, which are the result of my fascination with light and shadows, and my life-long love for photography. And there are more on the horizon for the 21st Century.

Reflections from the SHADOW-ART Collection was presented in 1999 at the Westfield Art Exhibit in New Jersey; exhibited at Komax Business Systems in South Charleston, W. Va. from December 2000 through January 2001; in 2002 was on display at the Indigo Spirit in Teays Valley, W. Va. 

COLORS are vivid in the Shadow Art prints, blending into forms with shared hues, which create a multitude of unique designs, touching into and around other objects. Various lighting sources and infinite number of angles produce radient colors and fracture into prisms with crystal-like effects.  THIS is SHADOW-ART.