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Kitan Borstein (Kit-tanna Borstein-Toborowsky)

      On a chilly, late Winter evening in 2003, 
a cold, hungry, lonely cat found her way to our front steps. 
She called to me as I hurried to my car. I heard her cry for help. 
Her voice had urgency and I could feel her loneliness.
She had no luggage or papers, no tags, and no trail
behind her to her past or people.  
She was kind, friendly, appreciative and de-clawed.
      After giving her food and water, my brother and I 
took her into the house and into our hearts.
That evening she stayed in warmth and safety.
All we knew of her were her present moments with us.  
And so it began. 
She became Kitan (meaning 'little' in Hebrew and
sort-of a take-off on the word Kitten with an accent).
Kitan now enjoys every room in the house
with vantage points from windows where she sleeps
in the morning sunlight in my room and the
afternoon sunlight in my brother's office room!  
She loves to hang out at the computer, watching the screen,
next to the mouse and periodically places her paw on the button. 
No matter where she is, when the printer clicks on...
she's there within seconds to watch the process.  
Aside from having two litter boxes, downstairs and first floor,
she quite frequently gets new cardboard boxes to explore,
climb and sit on while watching her family watch TV.

Oh, Where can she be? Maybe hiding in the bushes???